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  • Iola
    • Tali – Local bartender
    • Sivil – Noble drink house owner
    • Ford – Local noble
    • Urser – Local scoundrel and fight promoter
    • Krum – Black Smith
    • Sillel – Gardner and herbalist
  • Iola saved Dwarven company
    • Frem Angry Ginger beard with a hump
    • Yallum Desperate Blond curls missing 2 fingers
    • Zikka Uncaring Ginger short hair scar over eye
    • Piluqt Hopeful black braided half corroded
  • Calanites, druid camp.
    • Helleyah – Calanite scout
    • Adan – Breserker (Dead)
    • Nevata – Orc druid
    • Murrak – Calanite master of the hunt
    • Elmar – Calanite master of the bloom
    • dur – Keeper of balance
    • Heurdark – Wereanimal druids leader (Dead)
  • Mershlauk Temple
    • Ubvarkt – Kobold queen
    • Ktar – Son of Ubvarkt
  • Other
    • Farl imp
    • Henri boulder man

Yorik farm
Iola Garrison
Sizir forest
Calanite camp
Mershlauk temple
Mt Yellaq
Garrian ritual site
Darrak forest hideout
Monastery of the heavenly eye
Broken blade temple
Order of the sun temple
Kamina city
Helmhull (Dwarven settelment)
Darrak hideout in the north
Ruins in the far north east (Blood stone location)
Road to fimmat hills (missing Jewel shipment)
Fimmaat hills
Highstone (Dwarven city)

Main Page

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